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Horizontal Tension Wire Infill (1)

42 or 48mm posts and rail with 4mm rigging wires.
Suitable for level, ramped and staircases.
Up to 10 rows of wires are possible.


Vertical Tension Wire Infill (2)

Vertical wires are a great alternative to traditional railings. 
Suitable for level, ramped and small step areas.
Wires spacing less than 100mm to meet UK Building Regulations


Toughened Glass - Posts and Top Rail (3)

42 or 48mm posts and rail.
Suitable for level, ramped and staircases.
Typically 10mm clear toughened glass panes.


Toughened and Laminated Glass - Posts Without Top Rail (4)

42 or 48mm posts.
Suitable for level, ramped and staircases.
Typically 11.5mm clear toughened and laminated glass panes.


Frameless Without Top Rail (5)

No uprights or handrail, this system is as minimal as they come. The aluminum base channel can be top or side mounted.
17.5mm and 21.5mm toughened and laminated glass pane options.


Frameless With Top Rail (6)

If you want the same modern frameless design but prefer a handrail to hold onto or lean on, the same system can cater for that.


Toughened And Laminated Glass Juliette (7)

A clean design for making safe your juliette balconies.
Various designs available.


Vertical Tension Wire Juliette (8)

48mm uprights and rails. 4mm rigging wires spaced less than 100mm.
Open up your room by using this vertical wire design for your juliette.

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System Style, select from above. If your required preference is not shown, please explain requirements.

Finish required , brushed, bright (mirror)

Mounting requirements, floor or side mounted. Onto concrete, steel, brick or timber decking 

Price required for supply only or supply and installation 

Run length Sloped Meterage (total) 

Run length Level Meterage (total)

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