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 A Laughton, East Sussex based business supplying bespoke balustrade and rail systems.

Survey, Design, Manufacture and Installation service within Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and Berkshire and as of 2022, Devon.

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Tension Wire Balustrade

Horizontal Tension Wire Balustrade

Horizontal wires give an open spacious feel. Easy to look after and great value.
Suitable for low level use and areas that do not need to meet UK Building Regulations

Vertical Tension Wire Balustrade

Vertical Tension Wire Balustrade

Vertical wires are a great alternative to traditional railings. These meet Uk Building Regulations where required and are easy to look after.

Post and Glass Balustrade

Toughened Glass Balustrade - Posts and Top Rail 

This system has a handrail for comfort and safety. The strong toughened glass is held between posts with clamps.

Rail Less Stainless Glass Balustrade

Toughened and Laminated Glass Balustrade - Posts Without a Top Rail 

For clean lines and maximum view this system is ideal. We use toughened laminated glass for extra safety in this design.

Frameless Glass Balustrade System

Frameless Glass Balustrade Without Top Rail

No uprights or handrail, this system is as minimal as they come. The aluminium base channel can be left on show or hidden in the deck for great effect.

Framless Glass Balustrade with Top Rail

Frameless Glass Balustrade With Top Rail

If you want the same modern frameless design but prefer a handrail to hold onto or lean on, the same system can cater for that.

Boss Mounted Glass System

Boss Mounted Glass 

Laminated glass panes mounted on stainless bosses. Gives an ultra clean look.
A stainless steel  top rail can be added to this if required.

Stainless Steel Handrails

Stainless Steel Handrails

From simple stair rails to multi-turn systems.
Internal and external applications in various finishes.

Juliette Glass System

Toughened And Laminated Glass Juliette Balcony

A clean design for making safe your juliette balconies.
Various designs available.

Juliete With Vertical Tension Wires

Vertical Tension Wire Juliette Balcony

Open up your room by using this vertical wire design for your juliette.

Powder Coated Glass Balustrade System

Powder Coated - Glass or Tension Wire Balustrade

We can powder coat most of our handrail, railing and balustrade systems to most popular RAL (colours)

Etched Privacy Balustraded Systems

Etched Privacy Glass Balustrade 

All of our glass systems can be etched on order in full or part should you require a section for privacy. 

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