Boss Mounted Glass  

  1. THE SYSTEM - Laminated glass panes mounted on stainless bosses. Gives an ultra clean look.
  2. STAINLESS BOSSES - 30mm or 50mm in diameter.
  3. FINISH - Brushed or bright polished as standard. These can be be powder coated to order in any standard RAL colour.
  4. TOP RAIL - If you desire a top rail we can offer either a 42mm or 48mm diameter brushed stainless channel rail slotting directly on top of the glass using a rubber gasket.
  5. MOUNTING - These can be mounted to brick, concrete or timber and steel.

  1. MADE TO MEASURE - All of our systems are of a modular construction and are made to measure. Posts base plates are welded but items such as rail elbows, saddles etc are bonded in place during installation giving a smooth finish.
  2. BUILDING REGULATIONS - This system is compliant with UK Building Regulations.
  3. LOAD RATING -  We have test data available on request for all of our systems. All version meet the  rating requirements for domestic use with some meeting higher ratings for commercial use.



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